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With several years of experience, a group of young software engineers, graphic artist-designers, professional 2D and 3D modelers, and creative game creators gathered together in a professional team of 25 people to form Almubdieuntech Technology Company in Dubai. A group of young people with new, attractive, and amazing ideas who have a vision of the future and intend to create a revolution in the digital world. This team has started its steps slowly and steadily and is confident in the bright future of its Roadmap to show all its talents and capabilities in the world arena. The Almubdieuntech Company team has been working in the fields of website design, application, 3D animation, 2D animation, and games for many years. They work day and night, and the members of this team are still increasing to be at the forefront of technology changes. We are with you in Metavers.AE. You are making money. The members of the Almubdieuntech team have exhibited a combination of technology and art in Metavers.AE so that you can live in the future today. I will introduce you to the team members. Thank you for being with us.
Pixely AI is an AI-powered platform that automates repetitive tasks, freeing up your operators for more strategic work. Our chat AI can assist with a variety of operations, from providing customer information to introducing products.
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